Asphalt Flooring in Haydock

Asphalt Flooring in HaydockConsider asphalt flooring in Haydock for your basement, garage or balcony floor of your home. If you have factory or warehouse space, you will want asphalt for those floors as well. You do not want just anybody to do the work because it can be tedious and messy. You want a top professional in the field that is skilled and experienced in applying asphalt flooring. Central Asphalt is whom you call to get your questions answered honestly along with some free advice. They have been in the asphalt business since 1983. Some recognisable names are on their client list, but small contracts for private and commercial work get the same high level of customer service.

In Haydock, asphalt flooring material used by Central Asphalt is mastic asphalt as opposed to asphalt concrete. You want that because mastic asphalt is waterproof, but concrete asphalt allows some water seepage. Another virtue of mastic asphalt is that the material resists chemical damage and is practically fireproof. Pests and insects are not a threat to asphalt flooring. The product is so durable that it can last for twenty years or more. The addition of pigment to the mixture offers a range of colors to choose from, and stamping is available for an attractive design. Maintaining the asphalt surface is easy.

Imagine asphalt flooring in Haydock that is kid proof. You can send the kids to the basement to roller-skate, build race car tracks and conduct messy science experiments without fear of damaging the floor. Those teenagers out in the garage are dripping oil, dragging car parts, spilling drinks and setting heavy jacks. They can roll under a car and out again a hundred times a day in the same spot. Then they can clean it up, and it will look as good as new. The same goes for commercial and industrial areas. Chemicals, machines and heavy foot traffic and equipment will not damage the floor. Your workspace has a safe and clean look. Contact Central Asphalt for information on asphalt flooring.