Effective Asphalt Tanking in St Helens

Asphalt Tanking in St HelensAsphalt tanking in St Helens is a very effective way to provide continuous waterproofing to foundations, walls, and floors. Mastic asphalt tanking can be done for different structures, making them more durable, and more reliable. Asphalt tanking is very versatile, as a matter of fact, it can also be used to line water works and sewage treatments, and it can even be used to secure gas lines and provide protection for gas systems. Typically, asphalt tanking is done for both commercial and domestic constructions in order to create a barrier that will help prevent water and moisture from transmitting to the structure from the ground. British standards require that mastic asphalt to be used for tanking should be able to meet certain criteria for assured quality and results.

In St Helens, asphalt tanking that meets the British Standards and provides quality waterproofing and durability to many building structures is available at Central Asphalt. This long established company provides friendly and professional services for your flooring and roofing needs. They specialise in providing flat and asphalt roofing as well as in providing asphalt tanking and they make sure that the work that they do is made to last. Central Asphalt has catered to the needs of well-known establishments within the area including the Hilton Hotel, the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral as well as a host of other large and small-scale contractors. The company also has the means to cater to the needs of both domestic and commercial clients, providing each one of them with fully insured services.

Asphalt tanking in St Helens is about providing clients with asphalt made from quality materials, as well as with skilled and experienced workmen. These two factors are what Central Asphalt focuses on so that their clients will be able to enjoy results that will truly help protect the structures found within their homes and establishments. The company offers competitive prices and they also cover all areas when it comes to roofing, flooring and asphalt tanking. So contact Central Asphalt today, for any asphalt tanking queries you might have.