Flat Roof Specialist in Bolton

Flat Roof Specialist in BoltonA flat roof specialist in Bolton is necessary when your roof is leaking. A faulty roof can lead to a lot of unexpected damage to the contents of the building it is meant to be protecting. A roof with a gradual slope is more prone to water seepage than a pitched roof with a greater angle that accelerates the removal of moisture. You will have no protection if the installation of waterproof membranes is not applied in the correct manner to prevent any capillary action forcing it away from the building structure. For a long life, inspections are needed approximately every three years, giving your asphalt roof a life span of between 10 and 20 years. One needs to have any problem in construction or upkeep looked after by someone that has successfully stood the test of time in the roofing industry.

In Bolton, a flat roof specialist is someone you need close at hand, particularly with the average rainfall of over 30 inches. A leak in a flat roof cannot be ignored and should be seen to immediately, preventing further costly repairs elsewhere in the structure. Established in 1983, Central Asphalt pride themselves on being recognised as the pace setters in this industry, specialising in all types of premises from residential to commercial. We have been involved in various projects big and small including the Hilton Hotel Group, John Lewis and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. We do not limit ourselves to the bigger projects only as we will also look after the smaller building contractors as well.

If you need a flat roof specialist in Bolton, our staff at Central Asphalt are approachable. We also offer advice about applying and repairing mastic asphalt roofing, single ply membranes and liquid plastics. For more information from a flat roof specialist, contact Central Asphalt.