Looking for Flat Roofing in Kirby?

Looking for Flat Roofing in Kirby?Are you looking for a company that provides flat roofing in Kirby? Flat roofs are great because you can actually use the roof for sitting and walking on. However, they are also prone to a wide range of problems. Flat roofs are susceptible to conditions like ponding water, leaks, shrinkage, blistering and punctures. They require more care and maintenance than a typical roof such as a mansard. Flat roofs must be installed and maintained by a professional company who knows what they’re doing; otherwise you can face a lot of issues down the road. By hiring a reputable company, your roof will receive quality care and workmanship.

In Kirby, flat roofing that is of a superior quality is provided by Central Asphalt, a leading provider of superior quality workmanship. The company was established in 1983 and is Liverpool’s oldest established mastic asphalt roofing and flooring companies. Today, they continue to be one of the leading providers of flooring and roofing solutions in North West England. The company prides themselves on providing top quality flooring and roofing membranes at highly competitive prices. Their services have been sought after by companies and organisations such as The Hilton Group and John Lewis. Central Asphalt has a comprehensive service repertoire which includes: mastic asphalt roofing, mastic asphalt flooring, tanking membranes, liquid plastics, balcony installations, built up felt roofing and single-ply roofing membranes. Even though they are specialists when it comes to flat and asphalt roofs, they also undertake work related to pool and basement waterproofing and sedum roofs.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable company that offers flat roofing in Kirby, contact Central Asphalt today. They are a long established company that provides a friendly and professional service. Apart from being a flat roof and asphalt specialist, they also provide flooring and roofing services for both commercial and domestic sectors. All of their work is completely insured and guaranteed, covering all areas. Please give them a call with your query and a member of their team will guide you in the right direction. If you would like to know more about flat roofing, contact Central Asphalt.