Flat Roofing Service in Birkenhead

Flat Roofing Service in BirkenheadContact the best flat roofing service in Birkenhead when you need a reliable, top-quality firm. At Central Asphalt, we are flat roofing specialists with a wide range of experience, knowledge and expertise in handling a variety of issues. Whether you want repairs, renovation or refurbishment, or you’re undertaking a new build, we provide exactly what you need. We offer cost-effective flat roofing solutions at competitive rates to commercial and residential clients. Our full range of services includes domestic and commercial asphalt flooring and roofing services, mastic asphalt roofing and flooring, tanking membranes, single ply roofing membranes, liquid plastics, built up felt roofing, balcony installations and much more. Our client base covers Merseyside, Lancashire, Wales, the North West and surrounding areas.

For property owners in Birkenhead, flat roofing services provided by us include design, restoration, modifications, installation of features like roof-lights or sky-lights. You may also want to add an extension to your home or office and a flat roof design is the most economical and easy to undertake. This kind of construction is ideal for a garage, toolshed, or work-space. Flat roofs are ideal when your requirement is for a compact, space-saving roof for a smaller structure like a garage or porch. It’s also much more cost-effective than pitched roofs and gives a more modern and contemporary look. The process of casting is also much quicker and these roofs don’t need as much material and labour as sloping roofs which also need tiles or slates to be installed. Flat roof construction was traditionally done by mounting it on joists and covering with water-proofing membrane and stone chips.

Flat roofing services in Birkenhead should be undertaken only by trained, experienced and licensed professionals. This is certainly not a DIY job and requires special skills and expertise. Should you need a company that offers flat roofing services, contact Central Asphalt. The only minus points about these roofs is that they tend to leak in areas with higher rains if the construction is not perfect. They may crack or blister in very hot climates unless regular maintenance is carried out. Flat roofs also encourage growth of mold, fungus and small plants in the cracks and joints.