Flat Roof Specialist in Huyton

Flat Roof Specialist in HuytonIf you need a flat roof specialist in Huyton, contact Central Asphalt. We have years of experience, and deliver world-class services that have earned us a place as one of the leading flat roof specialists in the UK. Flat roofs present a complex challenge to many builders and only expert roofers can handle them. They are indeed a contemporary stylish roofing option but the installation process has to be done correctly to avoid long-term problems. If your flat roof is not installed properly, you may have leaks that are a challenge to repair. When you need a flat roof installed, it is a wise idea to use the services of a professional flat roofer.

For your roofing project in Huyton, a flat roof specialist will have the job completed in next to no time. We understand the intricacies of flat roofs. We use mastic asphalt which is different from traditional dense graded asphalt. Mastic asphalt has a higher asphalt content than dense-graded asphalt. This enhances waterproofing characteristics of the roof. In building and construction, mastic asphalt is widely used in underground water tanks and flat roofs because of its superior waterproofing qualities. Mastic asphalt is a thermoplastic substance. It is heated to a temperature of 2100C and spread in layers to form an impervious barrier. We use cutting edge technology to ensure the asphalt that is laid on your roof is completely waterproof. Asphalt covers every corner of your roof, and so you can be sure that your roof is water tight, and will not leak.

Central Asphalt is the leading flat roof specialist in Huyton. We offer exceptional services at competitive rates. Though our prices are pocket-friendly we do not compromise on the quality of our service and products. We offer world-class workmanship and materials. We provide mastic asphalt flooring, tank membranes, balcony installations and other building projects. We have over three decades of experience in the industry and we offer value for money on all our projects. Contact us today for an expert service. Flat roofs are our specialty.