Asphalt Flooring in Cheshire, for the Perfectly Finished Floor in Your Building

Asphalt Flooring in CheshireChoose Central Asphalt for your asphalt flooring in Cheshire and throughout Merseyside, Liverpool and the North West. Take advantage of our over 30 years of experience in the business of asphalt roofs, floors, balconies and more. We bring a high standard of workmanship to all aspects of domestic, commercial and industrial projects. We use Mastic asphalt for a perfectly finished floor because the benefits of a quality product are clearly seen in the finished job. We create very attractive floors that are durable, non-slip and quiet. Mastic asphalt floors are also waterproof, dustless and acid-proof. Mastic asphalt is the most versatile product for flooring and the most cost effective.

The waterproof benefits of asphalt for both commercial and domestic projects are considerable. In Cheshire, asphalt flooring for basements, garages and factory floors is also a safety floor because of the minerals that are added during product mixing. We create a smooth and beautiful finish that will meet safety standards, especially where damp conditions exist. Our team works well together to prepare the surface for the asphalt and then lay a thick layer in one go while spreading and smoothing. The smoothing may be done by hand or machine. In many cases we use both for a fast, smooth finish before the material cools. This takes a high level of skill, experience and teamwork to achieve the best results.

You know that asphalt flooring in Cheshire is cost effective and durable, but do you know how attractive it can be? Some people, when they think of asphalt think of black but there is a full range of colours from which to choose. Using coloured minerals also adds a decorative touch and you can choose from multiple designs. Contact Central Asphalt when experience matters to you. We project manage the job from start to finish with guaranteed customer satisfaction. Asphalt is soft and quiet underfoot so it will absorb some of the noise in busy workplaces like schools and factories while still looking fabulous. Our team works to a high standard of professionalism. We try to remain flexible to coordinate with the schedules of other trades on the job while maintaining cost saving efficiency for our clients.