Asphalt Flooring in Sefton

Asphalt Flooring in SeftonAsphalt flooring in Sefton is an excellent choice when you want a smooth, durable and waterproof flooring for your basement, garage, deck, industrial or commercial building. Central Asphalt serves all the North West with high-quality mastic asphalt, superb workmanship and 30 years of experience. We choose mastic asphalt because in our experience it’s the best product for many reasons. One reason is its superior waterproof properties. It’s what we use for roofing. So when we use it on your floor, we are waterproofing your floor. No seepage and if somebody leaves the water running, there’s no damage to the floor or subfloor. Mastic asphalt is highly versatile.

When choosing between asphalt and concrete for flooring, we think asphalt has real benefits. For commercial and industrial use in Sefton, asphalt flooring qualities include elasticity you don’t find in concrete. Mastic asphalt will adapt to changes whereas concrete would crack. Asphalt flooring is dust-free which is a real plus in an industrial setting. Material handling vehicles will find the ride on asphalt as smooth as roller skates on new blacktop. The activity doesn’t kick up dust as it does on concrete. At Central Asphalt, we can complete the installation of a mastic asphalt floor in as little as a day. Labour and material costs are lower than any other type of flooring claiming the same durability.

Asphalt flooring in Sefton is softer and warmer underfoot. It makes a great looking floor that will give real value for money. You can count on mastic asphalt, professionally installed by our team at Central Asphalt to outperform almost every other flooring material. For domestic use, it provides a waterproof base for carpet or tile. Here’s a tip for homeowners trying to decide on the best flooring for their basement; mastic asphalt blocks radon gas. If you are in an area where the ratio is high, we strongly recommend asphalt. Contact Central Asphalt and tell us about your flooring project. We’ll give you a no-charge, no-obligation cost estimate and answer any questions you have. We always guarantee our customers satisfaction.