Asphalt Roofing in Woolton

Asphalt Roofing in WooltonAsphalt roofing in Woolton is the preferred roofing material for commercial buildings. That’s especially true in areas that experience severe weather throughout the year. When the job is done right, asphalt roofing is the recommended choice because of its longevity, superior waterproofing capabilities and exceptional value for money. We don’t want to glide over the part about the job being done right. Not all asphalt roofs are equal even when the exact material is being used. Craftsmanship, skill, experience, reputation and customer satisfaction are all part of the equation when installing a reliable and durable roof. Add quality asphalt material and you’ll likely come up with our company; Central Asphalt.

At Central Asphalt we bring thirty years of experience to the job and we prefer to use Mastic asphalt because of its superior waterproofing capabilities and ease of pliability. In Woolton, asphalt roofing for both commercial and domestic buildings is appreciated for its longevity. Attractiveness may not be your priority for your asphalt roof but when our Central Asphalt team does the job that’s what you get. Even if nobody else sees the roof except the systems technicians for heating and air conditioning, we still want your new roof to look good. We specialise in flat roofs and commercial buildings in urban areas will benefit from roof windows installed on flat roofs. The natural light is appreciated by employees

Actually, depending on the building, your asphalt roof can double as a fair weather break room for employees.  It’s certainly strong enough to handle a lot of foot traffic. You could even plant a therapy garden on your roof to act as a stress reliever for employees. They can pull a few weeds, deadhead flowers or just bask in the beauty. Whatever else you choose to do with your flat Mastic asphalt roof, count on it keeping you and your equipment safe from the elements. Contact Central Asphalt for a free, no obligation quote on an asphalt roof suitable for your needs. We see the job through from beginning to end with attention to detail and flexibility to work within your schedule.