Asphalt Roofing in Mostyn

Asphalt Roofing in MostynOur company provides asphalt roofing in Mostyn that can be beneficial in the wet climate of the UK.  We are one of the longest established mastic asphalt flooring and roofing companies around and have been operating since 1983.  We provide high-quality roofing and flooring at very competitive prices. Our services are fully insured and all our work is guaranteed.  Mastic asphalt roofing is a very dense solid surface material under average temperature conditions but when heated to extreme temperatures it becomes liquid and can be poured or spread over surfaces. This is an excellent product but due to its nature must be installed by professional experts.  The product is inherently waterproof with a high concentration of bitumen.  We sometimes add polymer compounds and pigments to the material to colour it and add strength and durability.

This coming summer may be very wet with some severe storms. In Mostyn, asphalt roofing although essential is only one of our many asphalt applications.  We are frequently contracted to spread liquid mastic asphalt on factory floors in areas of potential spillage or a high amount of chemical usage. Mastic asphalt is used to line holding tanks to prevent any leakage and is waterproof and impervious to most chemicals as well as pests and insects. It is strong and durable and can be expected to last for decades. It is virtually fireproof and can easily be recycled. With these extraordinary qualities, it is no wonder mastic asphalt is deemed to be the perfect solution for flat roofing waterproofing in both domestic and commercial applications.

Our professional asphalt roofing in Mostyn should be a major consideration for anyone with a flat roof. Contact Central Asphalt today and let us give you a quotation on repairs to your roof. Without treatment, they tend to have leakage problems that can defy solution. Another option that we can offer is sedum roofing. This is also called an eco-roof or a living roof. It absorbs rainwater and provides insulation for your home. Unlike many traditional sod or grass roofing, it is made from lightweight materials and offers a habitat for wildlife as well as being aesthetically pleasing.