Flat Roof Repair in Buckley

Flat Roof Repair in BuckleyFlat roof repair in Buckley should be done by professionals. A flat roof must have a slight slope to allow water to drain off it.  If the slope if too shallow the water can pool and may collect in the corners of the roof.  This can cause gradual seepage which will start in the corners of the room. The only way to stop the leak is for us to waterproof the roof with asphalt.  This liquid can be carefully painted onto the edges and into the corners of the roof.  The layers can be applied part way up walls as well which will seal more effectively.

When your roof springs a leak in Buckley, flat roof repairs are needed immediately. A leaking roof can do a lot of damage not only to the items in the house that may get wet but also to the roof.  The roof is normally held up with wooden beams and these will eventually rot if kept damp. This could cause the entire roof to collapse or to need replacing.  This is very expensive and if the roof is still sound then a few layers of mastic asphalt will prevent the roof timbers from rotting.

Flat roof repair in Buckley is one of the most difficult repairs to perfect. Contact Central Asphalt today and we will visit your home or factory and assess the repairs needed.  We will then offer you a quotation for the work and material the repair will need. We use mastic asphalt in our flat roof repairs.  This has a high asphalt content and is heated to a temperature of around 210 degrees Celsius and once it is liquid it is spread in layers to form an impervious barrier.  This is the best way to waterproof a roof as there are no gaps that water can get through. It is also a lot lighter than some flat roof materials and can flex without cracking.