Flat Roof Repair in Maghull

flat roof repair in MaghullCentral Asphalt is the one to call for flat roof repair in Maghull. Asphalting is recognised as a specialist trade in the UK. Central Asphalt has been in business for over thirty years. We have been in the asphalt roofing business longer than any mastic asphalt roofing company in Liverpool has. We are proud of our quality roofing and roofing repairs and the fair pricing that has made us a leading contractor in the area. Customer service is a top priority and we value each customer. Some customer names are recognisable but most are the many small contractors with which we are privileged to work. We choose asphalt over other roofing materials for flat roof repair and replacement. Our materials and workmanship comply with British Standards and always guaranteed.

In Maghull, flat roof repair with asphalt is a better choice than other roofing materials. We are asphalt specialists because we believe in the product. It is durable and able to withstand normal shifting and movement. Asphalt creates an impenetrable shield against water. It resists damage from wildlife, wet and dry rot. Once laid, asphalt does not give off toxins into the environment. An asphalt roof is literally a layer of protection against fire, having an AA fire designation. Mastic asphalt used for roof repairs and replacements appears to resist damage from pollutants. When installed by our experienced roofers, you will have an attractive and durable roof at an affordable price.

You may need flat roof repairs in Maghull for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons flat roofs begin to leak is poor installation. That can include inexperienced installation of the asphalt, improper sealing at the edges, poorly maintained flashings and gutters. The next most common cause for roof repairs is neglect. When you get a new asphalt roof installed, include new gutters and soffits as well if yours show wear. Inspect the flat roof occasionally, especially after storms to remove debris from roof and gutters. Make sure your roofing contractor has credentials, experience and insurance. Central Asphalt has all of that and we guarantee our roof repairs and replacement. For more information about flat roof repair, contact Central Asphalt.