Asphalt in Chester

asphalt in ChesterLooking for an expert in asphalt in Chester? It takes decades to cement oneself as the leading roofing and flooring expert dealing with asphalt in Chester, Liverpool and the North West. Such an accolade requires a mixture of professional and friendly service, guaranteed work, and a repertoire spanning the Hilton Hotel group, John Lewis and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. If you are looking for a company that expertly deals with asphalt, whether you need flooring or roofing, consider giving Central Asphalt a ring.

In Chester, asphalt roofing and flooring is done with high-performance membranes to suit every possible environment. The wide range of work done by Central Asphalt includes Sedum roofs as well as basement and pool waterproofing. The use of asphalt, also known as bitumen, as a sealant for waterproofing, has been popular since the fifth millennium BC – perhaps even for baby Moses’ basket floating among the reeds! Since then it has primarily been used in road construction. Their work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Out of this world service is certainly the case for asphalt roofing in Chester thanks to Central Asphalt’s technical expertise and experience. They do need to know what they are doing as this material has to be heated or diluted and must be applied with great care in strict adherence to national health and safety regulations. The Central Asphalt team covers all areas and work commercially or domestic, offering extremely competitive prices. You don’t have to be Mr Hilton or Mr Lewis to give them a call for your home or business roofing and floors, but you will be just as impressed. They will have you shouting for joy from the rooftops! For more information about asphalt, contact Central Asphalt.