Flat Roofing Service in Maghull

 Flat Roofing Service in Maghull You may want to know more about a flat roofing service in Maghull if you’re planning a new construction or you’re giving your old building a makeover. In earlier times flat roofs had two or more layers of bituminous felt which served as their weather proofing. However, today, liquid applied systems like glass fiber, single ply membranes etc are used to provide the water proofing on flat roofs. For larger and stronger roofs, mastic asphalt may be used. One of the unique features of flat roofs is that the water proof layer is supported by a roof deck structure made of timber and the ceiling is attached to the underside of this deck inside the building. This makes the flat roofing structure quite complicated and only a trained, experienced and expert flat roofing contractor would be able to carry out repairs or build a new one.

In Maghull, a flat roofing services is offered by a number of building contractors and roofing specialists. However, it’s important that you do not select an inexperienced one who would produce a poorly- constructed flat roof, leading to damage of the roof, waste of time, effort and money and pose a safety hazard to people and goods inside the building. Flat roofs are usually constructed on garages and building extensions and these may be uninsulated, but the rest of the building requires insulation to comply with UK building regulations. The insulation is installed between the deck and the ceiling.

Your flat roofing service in Maghull should be selected based on the contractor’s experience, expertise, training, qualifications and certifications. They should hold valid insurance and preferably be a member of recognised trades bodies and associations. Ensure that you select a well-established, local business like Central Asphalt since they are familiar with local building regulations, weather conditions and can provide more personalised service. Such firms also offer guarantees for workmanship and materials, employ professional, fully-trained, insured workers and staff and use excellent materials and equipment. They provide written estimates and contracts for rates, labour, material costs and time. Additionally, you can also avail of repair and maintenance services. For more details about flat roofing services, contact Central Asphalt.