Flat Roof Specialist in Warrington

Flat Roof Specialist in WarringtonDo you need more information about flat roof specialists in Warrington? Perhaps you planning to add a new flat roof to your shed, a newly constructed extension to your home or office, you’re creating an additional work-space, a storage area or new garage on your property – all these plans require roofing. Flat roofs are actually never completely flat – they are sloped very slightly to allow water to drain off, but they’re different to pitched or sloped roofs which have obvious angles. Both types of roofs have their own charm, aesthetic qualities and uses, based on your individual preferences, design ideas, functionality, budget and the prevailing weather conditions experienced in the area you live.

In Warrington, flat roof specialists can advise clients about the different options available while considering materials, budget and design. Flat roofs are a great advantage when you want a compact, space-saving roof for smaller structures like extensions and garages. They’re also a great advantage when constructing a porch or dormer. Flat roofs are also significantly cheaper than pitched or sloping roofs and are more suited to contemporary design. Casting a flat roof is quicker and requires less material and labour, all of which makes it an economical choice. In fact, full replacement of a sloping roof with a flat roof can be done in as little as a day. Traditionally, flat roofs were simply mounted on the building’s pillars or support-joists, covered with a waterproof membrane and stone chips to cut hazardous UV rays. However, repair costs could be high and flat roofs are not suitable for places that receive high rainfall. A flat roof also tends to blister and crack in hot weather, attracting moss and fungus which could damage the interior of your living or working space.

Flat roof specialists in Warrington, such as Central Asphalt, can provide a range of services including mastic asphalt roofing, felt and membranes, to make your roof sturdy, durable and attractive. While selecting the right firm to install your flat roof ensures that you get a firm and contractors who are well-established, trained, licensed and preferably members of trades associations like the National Federation of Roofing Contractors. If you would like more information regarding flat roof specialists, contact Central Asphalt.