Asphalt Flooring in Childwall

Asphalt Flooring in ChildwallAsphalt flooring in Childwall is one service we at Central Asphalt offer along with roofing, decks and balconies. We use mastic asphalt because it’s best for waterproofing and damp conditions is where asphalt flooring excels. Think garage or barn floors, basements and decks. Mastic asphalt flooring is also ideal in alkaline conditions. It’s resistant to fungal growth, grease, oils and mild acids so this is what you want on the factory and auto repair garage floor. Asphalt flooring is smooth, durable, non-flammable, nonporous and easily maintained for use in hospitals, schools, warehouses and lake homes. If you are still not convinced that asphalt flooring is the greatest invention since rain perhaps its low cost will convince you.

As great as asphalt flooring is for both domestic and commercial use you need experienced installers to get the job done right. For all customers in Childwall, asphalt flooring by Central Asphalt is your trustworthy choice. We’ve been meeting the asphalt needs of our customers throughout the North West, Wales and surrounding areas for over thirty years. We maintain a high standard of workmanship for all of our asphalt work. That’s particularly important for asphalt floors because you want a smooth as glass finish. We usually pour to about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch in thickness. Asphalt floors should be sealed and can be painted.

As specialists in asphalt flooring in Childwall, Central Asphalt has earned a reputation for superior workmanship and high-quality mastic asphalt materials. Consider mastic asphalt for new builds. Not only is it a water barrier it is also a barrier to radon gas. Asphalt flooring installed by our team will make the perfect base for carpet, tile and vinyl flooring. Applied properly, your mastic asphalt floor will be ready for floor coverings in about three hours. Contact Central Asphalt for a free estimate for asphalt flooring. Done right, mastic asphalt could outlast most other types of flooring. We have a long history of doing it right and a grand customer base to support us.