Asphalt Flooring in Childwall

Asphalt Flooring in ChildwallAsphalt flooring in Childwall has bitumen, which is a black, sticky and highly viscous liquid. It is sometimes found in natural deposits or can be a refined product. It is most commonly used on roads but also as a waterproofing product for roofs. Since around 1838 asphalt was used for damp proofing and flooring in buildings. It was also used for waterproofing pools and baths which were very popular at this time. Mastic asphalt flooring is capable of outperforming an outlasting almost every other type of industrial and domestic flooring material. The damp proofing properties and wearing qualities make it one of the best choices for many customers. This flooring can be quickly installed using the hot charge process and cools rapidly allowing carpets and furniture to be replaced within two to three hours.

When you have damp proofing issues in Childwall, asphalt flooring may solve your problem. Not only is the asphalt waterproof but it is also dust-free and assures a level surface. It can be used in wet areas and is ready for use very quickly. This user-friendly, seamless surface is perfect for industrial applications where there are high traffic areas from machines such as forklifts. This would eventually break a concrete floor as the concrete is more brittle and rigid than asphalt which is slightly flexible. It can be used where increased resistance to acid solutions are required. In domestic situations, it is a proven waterproof membrane and radon gas barrier. It is a perfect base for carpet, vinyl and other types of flooring.

We offer some of the most durable and practical asphalt flooring in Childwall. Contact Central Asphalt today and arrange for a visit from our very experienced team. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have accumulated extensive knowledge of repairing and erecting flat roofs. We offer a comprehensive range of flat roof materials and include asphalt, liquid plastic and felt roofing amongst our many services. We offer a number of other services including balcony installation and general building work. We also specialise in waterproofing tanks and other water storage systems.