Flat Roofer in Rhyl

Flat Roofer in RhylYou need a flat roofer in Rhyl when you have a leak. We can repair any flat roof with one of our many products. We will visit your home and inspect the roof first as sometimes there has been damage done to the timber which then needs to be replaced. Once we have established what the problem is we will discuss the various options you have. We try as far as possible to offer you the most economic solution. This may entail having just a patch over the weak area or it may mean we have to create a suitable pitch or replace some timber. Each project is different as is each solution.

We are well known and respected throughout the North West. In Rhyl, flat roofers are specialist craftsmen as fixing a leak in a flat roof can be an art. Many people offer this service and unfortunately do not understand the intricacies and finesse that it takes to effectively seal a flat roof. It has a lot to do with the slight pitch of the roof as well as the covering. The roof has to have a slight pitch to allow water to drain. Without this the roof will collect puddles and eventually the water will find a way to get through the roof. This can be very costly as when water gets onto roof timbers and battens it can cause it to swell and rot.

Our flat roofers in Rhyl can assist you with any problems you may experience with your flat roof. Contact Central Asphalt today and arrange for a visit from our very experienced team. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and have accumulated extensive knowledge on repairing and erecting flat roofs. We offer a comprehensive range of flat roof materials and include asphalt, liquid plastic and felt roofing amongst our many services. We offer a number of other services including balcony installation and general building work. We also specialise in waterproofing tanks and other water storage systems.