Flat Roof Repair in Liverpool

flat roof repair in LiverpoolYour roof may require flat roof repair in Liverpool after heavy rains have revealed some weak spots. So up the ladder you go with your bucket of goo to slap a little on this crack and that dip. Your bucket is now empty and your back and knees ache but you’re filled with optimism. Your roof troubles are over and nobody tried to talk you into a new roof. They probably are, at least until it rains again. Just because your flat roof springs a leak now and again doesn’t mean you need a new roof. Call us at Central Asphalt and if your roof can be repaired, we won’t try talking you into a new one. We have been in business for 30 years and we don’t have to lie to our customers to generate business.

We are well known for the quality of our workmanship at Central Asphalt. In Liverpool, flat roof repair by Central Asphalt includes the whole of the North West and Wales. Our offices are in Merseyside, Lancashire and Wales. We have a large staff of skilled roofers and one or two of them would be pleased visit your flat roof and explain to you how we can repair your roof with our Mastic products so it will no longer leak. Half the job is knowing how to find the cause and location of the leaks and the other half is knowing how to repair it long term. The slope of your roof and your guttering system all play a part in the condition of your flat roof. Sometimes we need to make adjustments there to repair the roof permanently. Other times, it’s just dip and dings that need levelling so water doesn’t pool and cause a leak.

Maintenance is often the key to extending the longevity of your roof including flat roof repair in Liverpool. Having a look around at the condition of your roof once a year or after a big storm will reveal any weak or damaged spots. We can repair those before they become big problems. Contact Central Asphalt and let’s have a look at your roof together. There’s no obligation and if we find maintenance repairs are needed, we can give you an honest quote for professional repairs. However, if your roof is leaking a lot, dry and crumbly, full of dips with broken gutters we will probably recommend a new roof. Don’t worry. Our prices are fair and reasonable.