Flat Roofing Repair in Chester

Flat Roofing Repair in ChesterYou may need flat roofing repair in Chester if you notice the first sign of a leak.  A sign of a leak in a flat roof is usually a discoloured damp patch that appears on the ceiling or the walls below. This patch might not be directly underneath the leak as water can enter the roof covering, run down a joist or across a ceiling and produce a stain a couple of metres away from where it first entered. Damp areas beneath a flat roof can also be caused by condensation. This may appear as discoloured patches or mould growth across all or part of the ceiling. If the correct preventive maintenance is routinely performed on a flat roof, many problems can be avoided. It is also a sensible idea to inspect your flat roof regularly for protruding nail heads, cracks, and flashing damage.

If a leak is noticed and there is a possibility that the flat roof may be damaged, an inspection should be done. In Chester, flat roofing repair will begin with an inspection to find the source of the leak. An experienced flat roof specialist can perform the initial inspection that will include all areas of the roof, such as the flashing from roof projections, roof gutters, and exposed nailheads. It is good to know that a flat roof requires far less maintenance than a steeply sloped roof. This is because it resists dirt, debris, mould, and fading. Our roofing team at Central Asphalt is highly experienced in finding the source of a leak in the roof. With their expertise, and attention to detail, they will solve the leaking roof’s problem and have it as good as new in the shortest time possible.

Flat roofing repair is an area that we specialise in. Contact Central Asphalt today for more information about our flat roofing repair services. Schedule a time that is convenient to you for a site visit where our flat roofing specialist can inspect your flat roof. Our prices are affordable and our services are completed to a high standard of workmanship, ensuring your flat roof repairs are professionally done for an affordable price.