Asphalt Flooring in Preston

Asphalt Flooring in PrestonWant a well-established company that provides reliable solutions for asphalt flooring in Preston? In earlier times, asphalt and bitumen were terms that were used interchangeably as they usually mean same essential material, unless it specially refers to a form of asphalt known as “asphalt concrete.” In the construction business, the material used for flooring is actually mastic asphalt, which when heated, is in liquefied form and can be poured. It is poured consecutively in thin layers and hardens to form an impermeable membrane across the floor, keeping the interior waterproof. This process is used to protect basements, cellars and other areas against dampness and seepage.

In Preston, asphalt flooring services are offered by several roofing and flooring specialists. The advantages of mastic asphalt flooring are many. It safeguards the building structure, people and property inside from damage and danger. It’s also extremely tough, durable and can withstand extreme climate changes. In fact, when maintained well, mastic asphalt is known to have lasted up to sixty years. This also makes it very economical, since you don’t have to redo your flooring often. Being non-slip in texture, it provides a safe surface for children and older people. Project-completion is rapid and could be done over staggered times as mastic asphalt blocks can be melted or remelted whenever required.

Reliable companies like Central Asphalt offering asphalt flooring in Preston have highly trained staff. The process involves laying hot, liquefied asphalt of about 15mm onto a base layer of fibreglass which separates it from the concrete floor. The pouring is to be done very carefully to avoid ridges, air-bubbles or cracks. When the asphalt hardens, it forms a seamless, smooth surface which is completely moisture-proof. The correct type and grade of mastic asphalt is to be used for best results. Though the work appears simple, it is certainly not one for DIY enthusiasts, unless they’re experienced and skilled in working with mastic asphalt. The smallest fault can cause the membrane to become permeable and all your time, money and effort could be wasted. Safety is a concern when working with hot materials. So leave the job to professionals and contact Central Asphalt for more information on asphalt flooring.