Asphalt Tanking in Liverpool

Asphalt Tanking in LiverpoolLooking for a service that provides asphalt tanking in Liverpool? This is a process that is used to damp-proof structures that lie below the ground level. Being a seamless application, it creates a waterproof membrane that does not degrade or allow subsoil water to seep into the structures. Such water accumulates and creates a pressure on the basement, especially if it is located below the ground water table. The material used is mastic asphalt. This has a higher bitumen content than regular asphalt and is used mainly for waterproofing flat roofs or basements. Mastic asphalt may have various combinations of gravel, sand, polymer compounds and pigments for coloring. It is heated to a particular temperature and spread in layers over the required surface. Mastic asphalt is also resistant to attack by pests and insects. It is very tough and durable and almost completely fire-proof too.

In Liverpool, asphalt tanking services are offered by a number of experienced, well-established firms that employed trained experts. These companies usually provide a range of services including paving, roofing, flooring, membranes and other types of asphalting. Since mastic asphalt is a very malleable and ductile material, it adheres very easily and quickly under heated conditions to concrete screeding and blocks. Two or three coats may be required to complete the process. You can specify the thickness of the layers according to your requirements and the consultant’s advice. The result is a very smooth, impermeable surface. It’s important to see that no gaps, holes or air-bubbles are seen in the membrane, since even the smallest flaw will destroy the waterproofing quality of the entire job. Hence, this is a job for trained professionals as the asphalt has to be poured in a heated liquid state. The bitumen fumes can also be quite strong and noxious and may last for a while after installation.

Asphalt tanking in Liverpool helps to protect both the exterior and interior of buildings. Well-reputed companies like Central Asphalt can provide the most appropriate service according to your requirements. Innovations like pollution and noise resistant mastic asphalt are also available today. Contact Central Asphalt today for more information.