Asphalt Flooring in Allerton: When You Need a Durable, Long-Lasting, Quality Flooring Option

Asphalt Flooring in AllertonFor top-quality asphalt flooring in Allerton, get in touch with the specialists. We have more than three decades’ experience in providing world-class flooring and roofing solutions to domestic and commercial clients. Our customer base extends throughout the Liverpool, Lancashire, Merseyside, North West and Wales regions and beyond. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our proven excellence in quality, affordable pricing and our 100% focus on customer satisfaction. No matter how big or small the project, we’re glad to be of assistance. We specialise in domestic mastic asphalt roofing and flooring projects, tanking membranes, single-ply roofing membranes, liquid plastics, built-up felt roofing, balcony installation and other building works. Our commercial services include similar services to industries, schools, warehouses, and supermarkets.

For property owners in Allerton, asphalt flooring is a great option when you need a cost-effective, durable, safe for motor and pedestrian traffic, low-maintenance product. Being a recyclable and reusable material, asphalt is an environmentally-friendly choice. Another great advantage of asphalt is that it doesn’t require any curing time like other flooring options. You can use it within a very short time provided it is laid properly. It may require a small amount of maintenance in case cracks or weak spots appear. But these can be swiftly filled and sealed, giving your flooring a longer life of up to 20 years. Being dark in colour, asphalt floors don’t show stains or marks as much as other floors. It is also non-skid and noiseless. All these factors make it the perfect choice for factory floors, loading platforms, and swimming pools. It can also be laid under carpets in high-traffic areas of commercial/domestic buildings, as it has a good load-bearing capacity.

Asphalt flooring in Allerton can be created in a variety of designs, including terrazzo, with a brilliant and smooth finish. This versatile material is composed of fine and coarse-grained limestone, synthetic bitumen and dolomite aggregate. It is available in different grades, and some of them contain polymer modified bitumen, coloured pigments, and natural asphalts. Contact Central Asphalt for more information and assistance. Our highly trained, experienced team of technicians can provide the right advice based on your unique needs, preferences and budget.