Asphalt Flooring in Wavertree, Best Choice for Value and Durability

Asphalt Flooring in WavertreeThe installation of asphalt flooring in Wavertree by Central Asphalt is highly respected. Our service area extends throughout the North West, Liverpool, Merseyside and Wales. With over 30 years of experience in the asphalt flooring and roofing industry, we have an impressive clientele, many of whom came to us through referrals of other customers. We are well known for our high standards. Our customers would not settle for less than the workmanship and customer service we provide. We choose mastic asphalt for our work because it’s proven to be the best and most versatile system for all applications. We service both domestic and commercial customers with the same dedication to quality and customer service. 

The mastic flooring we install is ideal for garage floors, driveways, balcony decks, and basements for private homes. In Wavertree, asphalt flooring is the best waterproof flooring available. It’s also long-lasting and easy care while providing a durable finish for home projects. For factories, mastic asphalt has many benefits. Being waterproof is one benefit but mastic asphalt also is resistant to most chemical damage as well. You want great durability, especially in the commercial and industrial applications. It’s been said there are asphalt floors in existence today that date back 1000 years. We won’t guarantee that but we certainly expect longevity to meet your needs and expectations. When used in basements and around foundations of buildings, guarantees are often 150 years.  

We have provided professional asphalt flooring to factories, schools, warehouses, grocers and many more. Our team is dedicated but flexible enough to work around your tight schedule. From inception to completion, our project manager will be in touch to take your questions and keep you updated on our progress. There is no better protective flooring than mastic asphalt where water is a consideration.  Contact Central Asphalt for more information and an estimate for your new mastic asphalt floor. Our flooring installation is unparalleled for cost-effectiveness. Our superior service is carried out by our team of good-natured and friendly professionals. Mastic asphalt flooring is the best choice for value and durability in all climates.