Professionally Completed Asphalt Roofing in Buckley at a Great Price

asphalt roofing in BuckleyWhen you think about asphalt roofing in Buckley for your domestic or commercial project, think of Central Asphalt. You want the job completed professionally and efficiently at an affordable price. That’s what you get with Central Asphalt. Both professionalism and efficiency are essential to keeping prices low. Have you ever had a contractor surprise you with a higher than projected bill because the job took longer to complete than expected? That shows a lack of experience and professionalism on the part of that contractor. At Central Asphalt, we’ve been in business for over 30 years. We use quality Mastic asphalt and we work with efficiency that only comes with experience. The finished product is done to perfection and we guarantee it.

Our teams work throughout the North West including Liverpool and Merseyside. For those in Buckley, asphalt roofing for flat roofs pulls double duty when you use it as a deck. As long as you provide safe access our Mastic asphalt roofs can handle the foot traffic. Since we are the leading asphalt roof and floor installer we know how durable our product and workmanship is. Safety rails not only provide extra safety but they look very attractive from the street. Commercial buildings usually have to support heating and cooling systems. Again, the durability of our asphalt roof is up to the task. Nothing beats quality work because it’s always cost effective.

Using Mastic asphalt for asphalt roofing in Buckley is nothing new. It’s actually the oldest waterproofing system and has been in use for centuries. It’s a simple product consisting of limestone aggregate bound with bitumen, heated and applied. When professionally applied, it is durable and reliable. Our asphalt flat roofs are low maintenance but while we expect them to last 20 years, conscientious maintenance will likely extend the life of the roof. A yearly roof inspection, especially after severe storms will reveal any damage and we are glad to make any repairs. Contact Central Asphalt for an asphalt roofing cost estimate. There won’t be any add on charges at the end of the bill. You will have a good solid roof that will serve you well for many years and at an affordable price.