Choose Asphalt Roofing in Anfield for a Waterproof Flat Roof

Asphalt Roofing in Anfield Asphalt roofing in Anfield will solve the problem if your roof leaks and needs to be waterproofed. Asphalt is an old material that becomes liquid when it is heated. It solidifies when it has cooled down and also repels water. This makes it an ideal material to use to waterproof your roof. It is ideally used for a flat roof. We use mastic asphalt in our flat roof installations and repairs.  This has a high asphalt content and is heated to a temperature of around 210 degrees Celsius. Once it has been heated and is liquid, it is spread in layers to form an impervious barrier.  This is the best way to waterproof a roof as there are no gaps that water can get through. It is also a lot lighter than some flat roof materials and can flex without cracking.

When your property has a roof leak in Anfield, asphalt roofing can be used to effectively repair it. A leak often occurs in the areas where there are seams in the roof. It is importamnt that they are properly sealed because if they aren’t, excess water can penetrate through the waterproof layer. It will then pool in the ceiling and will cause discoloured boards and could cause the ceiling to collapse. It is best to use an experienced and highly regarded team to repair or install your asphalt roof. We are pleased to provide a high standard of workmanship in all the projects we undertake.  Many garages, outbuildings and extensions have flat roofs. Our team specialises in providing an expert service where your flat roof is waterproof and secure.

For a specialist team for asphalt roofing in Anfield, speak to the best. We invite you to contact Central Asphalt today and request an affordable quote for your new asphalt roof. Our services also include surfacing garage floors. These can be very difficult to keep clean as they always seem to get oil and grease on them. Our basement and cellar treatments ensure you have a waterproof room beneath your home for any use. You can rely on our expertise and dedication to a job well done.