Asphalt Flooring in Buckley for a Long-Lasting, Tough Flooring Solution

Asphalt Flooring in Buckley Try asphalt flooring in Buckley if you are looking for a long-lasting flooring solution for any surface. Asphalt is the ideal flooring material for surfaces that are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions. They are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. They are preferred in damp places because they don’t foster the growth of mould and mildew. Asphalt is also easy to install and maintain. Asphalt comes in various forms. The most common type is asphalt concrete which is used for roads and paving applications. For indoor flooring applications, most people use Mastic Asphalt. Mastic asphalt is commonly used for flooring, roofing and underground tanks. It is famed for its waterproofing qualities.

Mastic asphalt is excellent for commercial and industrial applications. In Buckley, asphalt flooring is ideal for high traffic floors such as supermarkets, schools and warehouses. Asphalt flooring is a long-term investment. Unlike other parts of your house, you cannot renovate your floors every few years. This means that your flooring should be installed by a reliable team of highly qualified workmen. We have been providing solutions in the flooring industry for more than 30 years. Our experience cannot be faulted. We are well known all over the North West for our quality workmanship and friendly professional service.

In addition to asphalt flooring in Buckley, we also provide high-quality roofing solutions. To counter the wet weather in the North West, we install waterproof roofing solutions on a wide variety of roofs. Our flooring and roofing specialists can work in any condition. As a family business, our priority is your comfort. We work to form lasting relationships with our clients and have built our business through high-quality recommendations. We are constantly upgrading our services and products to keep up with local trends and demand. Contact Central Asphalt today if you would like more information about our services and rates. Our friendly staff can help you book an initial consultation so that we can find a solution that suits you. Experience has taught us that no two jobs are alike. As such, we offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate every client.