Asphalt Roofing in Merseyside

Asphalt Roofing in MerseysideCentral Asphalt is the company you want for asphalt roofing in Merseyside and throughout the North West and Wales. We have offices strategically located to service all areas efficiently. After thirty years in business we’ve been honoured to serve so many fine customers that refer us to their friends and family. We attribute that to our quality workmanship and conscientious customer service. In our line of work, like most others, an asphalt roofing company can do a job well and stand behind their workmanship and materials or poorly. We’ve never understood why some companies are content with sloppy workmanship when doing it right doesn’t take that much more effort and the customers are happy. Doing the job right does require skill and experience. We guarantee you we bring that to every job.

We bring the same quality of service to domestic projects as we do commercial. In Merseyside, asphalt roofing by Central Asphalt is extensive in both sectors. All of our jobs are project managed for scheduling and efficiency that will best accommodate the client. Timing is often of great importance to schools, medical centres and other large public service centres. For our asphalt roofing, we use Mastic asphalt because it is a more durable product. The product is stable, resists fatigue and is easier to install. It works equally well for new roofs and replacement or refurbishment of existing flat roofs. You may not be able to see the final results unless you use your roof as a deck. If you do, you’ll find a smooth and seamless surface that is completely waterproof. We think your roof is beautiful.

Our beautiful asphalt roofing in Merseyside can turn your flat roof into a terrific deck for your home or as space for employee breaks at your manufacturing company. A nice smooth surface, a pot of flowers, a picnic table with a perky umbrella is a welcoming treat when your roof does double duty. But the most important thing is when we finish your asphalt roofing project, your roof is waterproof. A little maintenance through the years and it will serve you well for twenty, maybe even thirty years. Contact us for new, replacement, inspection and or repair of your flat roof. We guarantee customer satisfaction from start to finish.