Expertly Laid Asphalt Flooring in Wallasey

Expertly Laid Asphalt Flooring in WallaseyIf you want the best asphalt flooring in Wallasey, look no further than Central Asphalt. With over 30 years of experience, we are renowned for our high quality workmanship and reliable service. We are experts in mastic asphalt which is one of the most durable and waterproof flooring underlays on the market. If you want to make sure no damp seeps in or any leaks soak through, our mastic asphalt is the material of choice. We specialise in flooring and roofing so you can rest assured your home will be waterproof from top to bottom.

For property owners in Wallasey, asphalt flooring has become the go-to underlay for commercial, industrial and domestic use. In your home, mastic asphalt is damp-proof and is an approved waterproof membrane when installed correctly. The process of laying asphalt is quick and efficient as it is laid with a hot charge system which not only allows for fast application but drying time is fast too. Within around three hours, you can return your carpets and furniture. Asphalt flooring is great for laying carpet, vinyl or laminate over the top as it levels the room out perfectly while providing a smooth surface for underlay.

If you are running a local commercial operation, asphalt flooring in Wallasey is the way to go. It has proven to outperform and outlast almost any other flooring solution. In places that have heavy foot traffic, you can’t get better than asphalt. In an industrial setting, the use of forklifts and heavy machinery can take their toll on other types of flooring but not mastic asphalt. Our professional team at Central Asphalt has worked in all of these environments and have extensive knowledge of the properties and behaviours of mastic asphalt in a wide range of situations. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with the ultimate flooring solution. We are more than willing to advise you on your next steps to a wonderful new asphalt floor.