Asphalt Flooring in Dingle

Asphalt Flooring in DingleThere are a number of useful applications for asphalt flooring in Dingle. One of the main benefits of mastic asphalt flooring is that it can be quickly installed using a hot charge process and cools very quickly allowing carpets and furniture to be replaced within two or three hours.  Once installed mastic asphalt offers a quality, dust-free, seamless and user-friendly surface. This makes it perfect for industrial applications where there are likely to be high levels of traffic from forklifts and similar vehicles. Special grades of mastic asphalt can also be used for flooring applications where spark resistant properties are vital or where increased resistance to acid solutions are required.

The damp proof properties and wearing qualities make asphalt the obvious choice for many flooring situations in both domestic and commercial properties. In Dingle, asphalt flooring can be used underneath regular floor covering. Through research, it has been found that this type of flooring is capable of outlasting and outperforming almost every other type of industrial and domestic flooring. When it is installed properly as part of an approved building package, mastic asphalt is a proven waterproof membrane and radon gas barrier. As well as being a superb waterproof material it also provides the ideal base for carpets, vinyl and other types of smooth flooring. Mastic asphalt flooring can be applied in a domestic environment with skirting boars and a decorative sheet or tile finish. This ensures that there will be no damp coming up through the floors.

We have over 30 years of experience in asphalt flooring in Dingle. Contact Central Asphalt today and our team of experienced installers will visit your home. Amongst the services we provide are mastic asphalt roofing and flooring, tanking membranes, simple ply roofing membranes, liquid plastics, built up felt roofing, balcony installations and other general building work. We are well known for the quality of our workmanship and for our friendly and reliable service. We have offices in Merseyside and Lancashire and a division that covers Wales. Besides roofing, we also offer all types of asphalt related projects which include basement and cellar treatments, waterproofing and garage floors.