Asphalt Flooring in Childwall

Asphalt Flooring in ChildwallBoth domestic and commercial asphalt flooring in Childwall are among our many services at Central Asphalt. You can expect a high level of quality and workmanship from our experienced team. We’ve more than 30 years’ experience. Mastic asphalt is considered by most the most versatile of flooring applications with many advantages. There is no tar or phenol in mastic asphalt so it’s easy to work with. That’s important because asphalt floors are almost always spread by hand. That may sound time consuming but overall there is little preparation time except to lay the sub floor. If you plan on in-floor heating that will add a little time. Once the asphalt is poured it’s usable within a few hours. Depending on preferences, mastic asphalt can be left as is or easily tiled over or carpeted.

With no compaction time required, construction time is shorter and drying or setting up time shorter. No matter the weather in Childwall, asphalt flooring can be installed.  Hot, cold, rainy or frosty; doesn’t matter because mastic asphalt isn’t affected by the weather. One reason for that is that it doesn’t contain water. Asphalt flooring is not porous which is great for durability and easy maintenance. When you consider it is not porous, has no joints and contains no water then the chances of attracting insect infestations are small. Asphalt floors are flexible so they withstand temperature changes and environmental shocks. Because of the short prep time, quick installation, can often be used the same day as installation and is durable, asphalt flooring is cost effective.

We have built an excellent reputation for asphalt flooring in Childwall along with our many other services. Whether we install an asphalt floor in your garage, shop, warehouse, schools, medical facilities or offices we guarantee customer satisfaction with our work and friendly experienced installation team. Ask around, we are well known for our workmanship and customer service. Contact Central Asphalt for a free quote for flooring installation. We have offices in three locations from which we service the entire North West, Wales, and beyond. We are specialist in asphalt flooring and we believe in giving value for money. That’s worked really well for us for many years so depend on us for your project.