Asphalt Roofing in Liverpool

Asphalt Roofing in LiverpoolWhen you need asphalt roofing in Liverpool, you want a company who understands that each step of the process matters. The purpose of an asphalt roof is to waterproof your home or commercial building. A lot of people are happy to spread some asphalt and make it look good but there is no guarantee and nobody to call when the roof starts leaking before the year is out. At Central Asphalt we are known throughout Wales, Merseyside and Lancashire for our skilled knowledge, workmanship, attention to detail and we guarantee a waterproof roof system. Installed right to begin with and properly maintained, an asphalt flat roof can last 20 years; that’s about the same as most pitched roofs. Of course, you can’t host a party on a pitched roof like you can on a flat roof.

We abide by certain standards of customer service put in place when we started in the business 30 years ago. We think if you trust us to work for you in Liverpool, asphalt roofing that we install is of the highest quality, done by our professional team.  You also deserve the finest and most reliable materials going into your project. That’s why we only use Mastic asphalt roofing. The Building Performance Group, leaders in construction assessment made a study of the best waterproofing methods across a 60 year lifespan. Mastic asphalt was found to be the most cost effective. It’s not the cheapest up front but it you don’t have to replace it for 60 years, your cost savings are about 40%.

Asphalt roofing in Liverpool will last for many years. Mastic asphalt is hot laid and therefore seamless. Installation of Mastic Asphalt can only be undertaken by installers who have achieved a NVQ level 2 or 3 in the craft. Mastic asphalt manufacturers must meet the industry standard for quality and environmental management. Contact Central Asphalt for asphalt roofing that is known for overall highest quality materials, installed by professionals and is carbon neutral. Your roof, as it turns out, may be your bargain of a lifetime once you do the maths and divide by 60 years.