Flat Roof Specialist in North Wales

flat roof specialist in North WalesIf you haven’t had an excellent flat roof specialist in North Wales do your flat roofing you could be sitting with a lot of leaky problems. Yes, it is certainly a requirement of Building Regulations that provision is made for rainwater to be carried from the roof of the building, but many so-called roof experts don’t get it right. At Central Asphalt we make sure that your flat roof is attractive and functional. We have all the answers to your roofing questions. We started out in 1983 and have more than 30 years of experience within the industry, and you’ll see this in our excellent workmanship. We know that there are many variations of flat roofs, but we’re familiar with them all and our qualified staff are well qualified to tackle every flat roofing situation there is.

As a flat roof specialist, we make use of different membranes to suit our customers. In North Wales, a flat roof specialist is clued up on flat roofs made with different materials. As flat roof specialists, we’ve got roofing solutions for all our domestic and commercial customers. We know the different membranes well, after all these membranes have an important role to play in waterproofing the roof area, and ultimately your home. Traditionally these flat roofs make use of asphalt or tar and gravel to keep the sun’s UV rays off it and to protect it from blistering and cracking. This is when water starts seeping in. If water penetrates the barrier covering, the roof sags and this simply creates more room for water to accumulate.

As a flat roof specialist in North Wales, our knowledge is extensive. From EPDM synthetic rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to one-piece membranes, we’re skilled and knowledgeable on all these systems and can assure you of functional, attractive roofs. If you are looking for a flat roof specialist, contact Capital Roofing. It is essential to get in reputable, reliable, trustworthy flat roof experts from word go. At Central Asphalt we will get your flat roof sorted first time around, and we guarantee that our work lasts.