Flat Roofing Service in Liverpool

flat roofing service in LiverpoolA flat roofing service in Liverpool is used in both domestic and commercial buildings. Many garages, outbuildings and extensions have flat roofs. Although they are normally cheaper and easier to build than a pitched roof there are some problems inherent with a flat roof. We specialise in making sure that your flat roof is waterproof and secure. One of our most popular means of waterproofing is with asphalt which is also called bitumen or tar. This is an ancient material which becomes liquid when hot and is hydrophobic (repels water) when dry and set. As it is often applied as a liquid, it seals any imperfections that the roof may have and creates a water proof barrier.

A roof with little or no pitch is one of the hardest places to waterproof. In Liverpool, a flat roofing service with experience can do wonders. We can build your flat roof and make sure that it is strong, secure and waterproof. Your roof is the most important part of your home for protecting people and contents. If the roof leaks the entire contents of your home or office can easily be destroyed. We generally apply mastic asphalt as a waterproofing agent although there are other types of asphalt used in certain circumstances. We also waterproof areas above windows that tend to leak as well as balconies. Any problem where water leaks from above or rises from below can be treated with an application of our mastic asphalt.

Our flat roofing service in Liverpool is highly specialised. Contact Central Asphalt today and let us examine your flat roof problem. We have many years of experience in solving leaking in flat roofs. It is often the low pitch of the roof that allows water to pool in certain areas that cause the leaks. With asphalt waterproofing the water cannot pool and slides off the roof. Asphalt can also get into any tiny cracks or crevices on the roof and seal them so that water cannot penetrate into the building.