Flat Roofing Repairs in Wirral

flat roofing repairs in WirralDo you need flat roofing repairs in Wirral again? Is your flat roof leaking despite being repaired? The truth about flat roofs is that their design makes them susceptible to common problems, particularly leaks. Even if you are an avid homeowner who is on top of maintenance, it is likely that your flat roof will start to give you problems. The most common issue is ponding water. When water remains on your flat roof for more than 48 hours, you can be sure it will cause a leak. Your best course of action is to contact an experienced roofer.

If you live in Wirral, flat roofing repairs and other roof services are provided by Central Asphalt. We are a long-established and reputable company in Liverpool. Our experience, training and up-to-date asphalt roofing solutions are second to none. You can count on us for any domestic and or commercial roofing services. Our services are tailored to suit your requirements and not the other way around! We are the leading flat roof specialists because of our attention to detail, experience and our famous ‘can do’ attitude. This has helped us build a large and loyal customer base. We guarantee our flat roof services are the most cost effective in the area. Our domestic service repertoire includes mastic asphalt roofing, mastic asphalt flooring, liquid plastics, tanking membranes, single ply roofing membranes, balcony installations, built-up felt roofing and other types of building work. For commercial projects, we carry out asphalt roofing and flooring services. Our team has worked on many schools, supermarkets, warehouses and other commercial buildings in the area.

If your flat roofing is leaking once again, it likely needs flat roofing repairs in Wirral. Contact Central Asphalt today for flat roofing repairs and say good bye to leaks once and for all! We are known for our excellent, high quality workmanship and our reliable and friendly service. Specialists in all areas of flat roofing, from installation to repairs, we will inspect your roof to find the cause of the leak, and provide a solution to ensure it is weatherproof.