Flat Roofer in Caldy

Flat Roofer in CaldyIt’s a good idea when looking for a flat roofer in Caldy to seek out a company that specialises in flat roofs. It’s a whole different deal than a pitched and shingled roof except for the objective. That is to create a completely waterproof barrier against the elements. Central Asphalt has been in the flat roofing business for over 30 years. We have a lot of experience to draw on and we take advantage of the new products as they become available. We use Mastic Asphalt which experience tells us is the best product for waterproofing on the market. We have locations in Merseyside and Lancashire and we cover Wales as well.

When we install a flat roof the best products and long experience are necessary components for any business that considers themselves specialists in their trade. However, in Caldy, flat roofers at Central Asphalt know that sometimes people don’t care how good you are at your job unless the technicians they see are friendly and considerate. We have built up a large customer base because we know our business and we treat our customers with respect and show consideration for their time. Civility costs nothing and nobody should settle for less. We do our best to stay flexible. If you need to call and change the time due to a sudden conflict or weather interrupts work, don’t worry, the job is still going to cost the same.

We are proud of our local reputation as flat roofer in Caldy. If you are looking for flat roofing specialists,  contact Central Asphalt and we’ll set a time to take a look at your project. Estimates are free so it costs nothing for us to show you how cost effective our work can be. Whether we are roofing a home garage, supermarket or school we understand that while the work progresses the customer is anxious to be done with it and move on. There are often time constraints and other trade contractors that will be following after us and we don’t want to cause any delays. Yet, we do not trade quality work or gloss over the details to come in under schedule.