Flat Roofing Service in Connah’s Quay

flat roofing service in Connah’s QuayThe place for flat roofing service in Connah’s Quay is Central Asphalt. We have 30 years of experience working with mastic asphalt, which is still the most waterproof system for flat roofs. When our professionals install your flat roof, you can expect it to last decades, if properly maintained. Proper maintenance is not difficult and we can advise you concerning ongoing care. Keep the roof clear of debris and have it checked for needed repairs once a year is about all the maintenance usually required. You can pay more for roofing materials than you will for asphalt but that does not mean you will get a better roof. Our roofing technicians can apply mastic asphalt over almost any substructure to create a reliable waterproof flat roof.

Of course, most flat roofs are not totally flat. They generally have a slope so water can run off. In Connah’s Quay, flat roofing service includes curves on flat roofs, especially at the roof’s edges and corners. Since mastic asphalt is flexible it adheres to the curves with a completely waterproof seal. The same is true for any roof equipment like lights, cooling units, and pipework. In the hands of our roofers, the asphalt seal is tight. The asphalt is impenetrable to the point that you can grow plants on top if you want to and the roots will not penetrate. At Central Asphalt we know the mastic asphalt flat roof we install on your domestic or commercial building will provide the best protection from the elements.

Central Asphalt offers exceptional value for flat roofing service in Connah’s Quay. We have a solid reputation for reliable service and professional workmanship that is easily confirmed. Contact Central Asphalt from anywhere throughout the North West and Wales for a flat roofing service and estimates for domestic or commercial properties. Let us show you what a great value mastic asphalt flat roofing is when you want durable and reliable waterproof protection. We think our prices will surprise you. Our offices are located in Merseyside and Lancashire with a division in Wales. We strive to accommodate your schedule and time constraints.