Flat Roof Repair in St Helens

flat roof repair in St HelensIt is crucial that you keep up with flat roof repair in St Helens if your home has a flat roof. Flat roofs have their own unique set of issues which can exacerbate if ignored. They are prone to moisture and leaks but regular care maintenance of your roof can prevent these issues. Tenting and blow offs are highly likely with flat roofs. This arises when the installation is poor or inadequate which is why you should hire an experienced roofer. Flat roofs require a routine inspection and maintenance. A yearly one is recommended because it can prevent leakage arising from heavy rains, roof deterioration and ice damming which occurs from clogged gutters. Water ponding is another major concern with flat roofs. Typically, singly ply membranes deteriorate fairly quickly with water exposure. Duro-last PVC is guaranteed to prevent water ponding. Flat roofs are also prone to shrinkage. The seams can delaminate and come apart leading to leak points. Blistering or “alligatoring” is another common issue which occurs when the roof membrane bubbles and looks like the skin of an alligator. This is a warning sign that the roof needs to be replaced. With all these potential problems threatening to destroy your roof, it is best to hire a flat roof professional.

As a homeowner, you will be pleased to know that in St Helens, flat roof repair is an area that Central Asphalt does well. They offer comprehensive domestic flooring and asphalt roofing services throughout the North West. The team at Central Asphalt has over three decades of experience in dealing with flat roof issues. Some of the services they provide include mastic asphalt roofing, mastic asphalt flooring, tanking membranes, single ply roofing membranes, liquid plastics, built-up felt roofing, balcony installations, and other building work.

Flat roof repair in St Helens on your roof is best done by the professionals. Contact Central Asphalt for more information about flat roof repairs. They are renowned for their quality workmanship, and for friendly and reliable service. Give them a call and request a quote for their services.