Tanking Membranes in Warrington

Tanking Membranes in WarringtonAre you in need of tanking membranes in Warrington? Perhaps you don’t know what tanking membranes are, or if you even need them. Well, tanking membranes are actually a very important part of the building process and it is actually pretty simple to understand. Tanking membranes are used to create a waterproof seal around the slabs of your structure, protecting you from water damage. Long story short, tanking membranes are used to ensure your building, be it a house or other simple structure, is damp proof and water does not leak into the structure.

In Warrington, tanking membranes can be an absolute necessity for your home. Tanking membranes keep excess water from seeping into the floors of your house or building, especially if you have a basement. Tanking membranes are pretty simple to understand, but they do require an expert to apply. Essentially, to stop water from leaking through your floors, a damp proof membrane is applied to the floor slab. As the water tries to move up, it is stopped by the tightly sealed membrane and masonry. This process is known as “tanking,” hence the term tanking membranes. Without these tanking membranes, water can seep through your floor, which could damage any carpet or furniture on that level. It can even create black mold, which is hazardous to your health.

It is absolutely necessary to install tanking membranes in Warrington. Without these damp proof membranes, your home could see some serious water damage in the near future. For all of your tanking membrane needs, be sure to contact us at Central Asphalt. Established in 1983, we continue to be the number one roofing and flooring contractor. With Central Asphalt, you will receive a high quality customer experience as well as the best in materials and tanking membrane services. You will also receive some of the most competitive prices in the industry. When it comes to tanking membranes and protecting your home from water damage, there is no better place to call than Central Asphalt. For more information about tanking membranes, contact Central Asphalt.