Flat Roofing Service in Merseyside

Flat Roofing Service in MerseysideWhen choosing a flat roofing service in Merseyside, Central Asphalt comes highly recommended. One reason for that is their experience. Experienced contractors install flat roofs regularly, not just occasionally. Flat roofing systems are very different than asphalt shingle roofs so the technique for installation and repair are different. Not all roofing contractors are qualified or experienced in flat roofing techniques. Central Asphalt is manufacturer certified in the use of Mastic asphalt materials. They work to government standards and carry full liability insurance. All of their work is under warranty and the materials are under manufacturer warranty. The longer the manufacturer warranty the more they believe in their product. Expect ten to twenty years. With proper maintenance, many roofs last even longer.

In Merseyside, flat roofing  consists of mastic asphalt because it is virtually waterproof and that is essential for flat roofs. The asphalt is resistant to chemicals as well and that is why Central Asphalt uses it on factory flooring as well as flat roofs. Pests and insects do not like asphalt so you can expect no roof damage from them. Mastic asphalt mixtures are strong, fireproof and recyclable. Those benefits are lost to you the property owner if the job is not managed properly. This is not a roofing material for inexperienced or do-it-yourself roofers. Whether you need a new roof or a roof repair, Central Asphalt are your experts in the application of this superior bonding material.

When Central Asphalt provides flat roofing service in Merseyside they begin with a vapour barrier on the decking, then a layer of insulation and sheathing and then the Mastic asphalt. The bitumen content in Mastic asphalt is double the amount in concrete asphalt. That is why it binds so well, creating a water barrier. Since asphalt is black it attracts heat so property owners often opt to top the roof off with a layer of solar reflective paint. Central Asphalt is highly recommended because they have been in business since 1987 and are one of the leading roofing specialists in the area. Their clients include domestic and commercial, including some prominent locations. For more information about a flat roofing service, contact Central Asphalt.