Asphalt in Liverpool

Asphalt in Liverpool Asphalt in Liverpool is proudly supplied by Central Asphalt. We have been providing the very best quality asphalt roofing and flooring since 1983. We count some of the biggest names in business among our satisfied customers. Private homeowners have generously shared their experiences with our company, leading to a referral network for which we are grateful. Our products and workmanship have led to long lasting flat roofs, smooth beautiful floorings in basements, factories, and balconies. Included in our services are mastic asphalt roofing and flooring, roofing membranes and liquid plastic projects. The products we use are superior and our technicians are skilled in their use and application.

In Liverpool, asphalt is an excellent product for looks and durability in high traffic areas, auto and foot as well as waterproof roofs. There is one other attribute of asphalt that we at Central Asphalt take pride in. Asphalt is one of the most recycled products on earth. 65 million tons of asphalt product is reclaimed every year. Ninety-nine per-cent of it is reused or recycled. Not only that, but the asphalt industry incorporates recycled materials like rubber tires, glass, and old asphalt roofing shingles into asphalt paving products. If properly installed, asphalt never has to be replaced, making it one of the most sustainable products available. It just needs resurfacing from time to time and that process is quick. For those reasons, asphalt is one of the most cost effective products when compared to alternative material.

Central Asphalt in Liverpool is the leading contractor in the North West of England for asphalt roofing and flooring. You will find our asphalt and flat roof specialists friendly but above all skilled professionals. All of our work is guaranteed to meet the customer’s satisfaction. We carry our own liability insurance, so you do not have to worry while we are engaged in work on your premises. If you are considering a new roof or flooring, we would like to introduce you to the quality of our work. You are welcome to view our portfolio but please take a first hand look at some of our past work. For more information about asphalt, contact Central Asphalt.