Where Can You Find Asphalt Flooring in Widnes?

Asphalt Flooring in WidnesAre you looking for a company that provides asphalt flooring in Widnes? Central Asphalt is the leading asphalt layer in Merseyside. They have been in this business since 1983 and consider themselves the best flooring and roofing contractors in the whole of North West England. Central Asphalt is an expert when it comes to laying high-quality flooring and roofing membranes, which they do so at competitive prices.

In Widnes, asphalt flooring prompts many enquiries to Central Asphalt. According to these experts, mastic asphalt is durable. It is a bituminous surfacing and waterproofing product. Traditional tarmacadam surfaces last up to 10 years but mastic asphalt has a life of up to 60 years. The polymers in mastic asphalt maintain elasticity during cold and hot temperatures, helping it maintain its durability and structural integrity. Mastic asphalt is also waterproof. It is impervious to water. This material is also cost effective because it has a longer shelf life than other materials and so does not require replacement for many years. Mastic asphalt surfaces are safer to lay than block and brick paving. Mastic asphalt is laid in a continuous manner with joints, meaning that slips, falls and trips are reduced. The surface is also non-slip, making it safe for pedestrians. In addition, mastic asphalt can be engineered to resist acid and fuel. The surface can be easily cleaned using high-pressure water jets, without damaging it. This material is also environmentally friendly because it is manufactured from 100% recycled material and is nontoxic. In terms of design, mastic asphalt can be easily molded into any shape and around any obstacle in-situ. Lastly, material can be laid quickly when supplied with a hot charge.

If you are thinking about installing asphalt flooring in Widnes, then give Central Asphalt a call today. Apart from laying mastic asphalt flooring, they also specialise in mastic asphalt roofing, tanking membranes, liquid plastics, built-up felt roofing and balcony installations. For more information about asphalt flooring, contact Central Asphalt.