High Quality Asphalt Flooring in Formby

Asphalt Flooring in FormbyLooking for high quality asphalt flooring in Formby? We at Central Asphalt are  long established leading mastic asphalt flooring and roofing contractors that have been operating since 1983. We supply high quality flooring and roofing membranes at extremely competitive prices. We provide services to big commercial sectors as well as small contractors. We are specialists in high performance roofing, asphalt and flooring services to suit every possible environment. When you choose our company we will provide you with a friendly professional service. We are fully insured and all our workmanship is guaranteed. We provide a full service that includes tanking membranes, mastic asphalt roofing and flooring, liquid plastics, built up felt roofing, balcony installations and single ply roofing membranes.

In Formby, asphalt flooring is safe and hard wearing  which can also be printed and coloured. Mastic asphalt brings a whole new palette of possibilities to architectural and construction designs, as new coloured asphalt allows you to create innovative coloured surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing. Asphalt flooring is easy to work with and versatile to use and the properties make this is a winning choice for both in doors and out. Asphalt flooring is seamless and waterproof as well as dust, weed growth and crack resistant and incredibly durable for heavy industrial use. Asphalt offers landscape designers, town planners, architects and civil engineers limitless design freedom to match their creative ideas. Our speciality includes pool and basement waterproofing and sedum roofs.

Just think about what asphalt flooring in Formby can do for you. Coloured asphalt in particular can mark out bicycle lanes and foot paths, highlight bus stops and roundabouts and brighten up play areas, squares and parks and the list of possibilities are endless. When light coloured minerals and white pigment are added to asphalt, it will brighten the surface which in turn improves visibility. The possibilities are endless and the colours can blend in harmoniously with virtually any environment. For inspiration take a look at our portfolio of completed flooring and roofing projects. Call us for expert advice or for a free quote. Contact Central Asphalt for more on asphalt flooring.