Asphalt Flooring in Merseyside

Asphalt Flooring in MerseysideAsphalt flooring in Merseyside is an excellent choice for flooring. Mastic asphalt is different from dense graded asphalt, giving it great waterproofing properties. When covering huge areas like commercial building floors, the work goes quickly and efficiently. The material moulds easily around pipes, curves and other obstacles. Asphalt flooring is well suited for parking garages, home garages, basements and commercial building interior walkways. For waterproofing and insulating floors, asphalt is ideal as a subfloor. Asphalt, also known as bitumen, was used for waterproofing as far back in history as 500 BC. That asphalt would have occurred naturally. Today, most asphalt is petroleum based and manufactured. The material is durable and resilient as well as cost effective.

Central Asphalt is a long established Merseyside asphalt company for asphalt flooring. In fact, they are the leading asphalt company throughout the Northwest. Asphalt can take heavy-duty use and for that reason, the most common use is in commercial and industrials settings. Central Asphalt clients include well-known companies as well as lesser-known contractors. The quality of products and service stays the same. Excellent. Central Asphalt is a fully insured company. They guarantee all their work and their prices are very competitive. Those good business practices have kept their professional services in demand since 1983.

Asphalt flooring in Merseyside has its domestic uses as well. We no longer need to line baskets with asphalt to waterproof them as our ancestors did. However, think of a solarium or garden house. Perhaps you would like to add an overhanging porch or balcony. Let Central Asphalt install the asphalt flooring for a durable waterproof finish. Foundation waterproofing to protect your home from dampness. The natural colour of asphalt is black and gives a crisp clean look. For domestic use, you might prefer another colour for your parking garage, foundation or walkway. Certainly, for interior flooring in basements and sunrooms a lighter colour would be attractive. If exposed to the sun, the flooring needs protecting with UV protection paint to prevent the colour from fading. Contact Central Asphalt for more information on asphalt flooring.